I’m a woman not a fish!

I also have a fish phobia so I probably hate this analogy more than most! From the phrase ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ we have self-help programmes designed to help people ‘catch’ a man. There are also many dating sites with the word ‘fish’ in them too.

I intend this blog as an antidote those programmes that prey on women’s insecurities. (Men’s too but as I am a woman I will be referring mainly to women.) There is an underlying assumption that you need to change yourself in order to ‘catch’ that dream man. I’ve fallen for the hype a few times myself and read some of those e-books. The end result was I felt less confident rather than more and further away from ever finding my soulmate.

So ladies and gentleman first accept you are fine as you are! We are divine beings having a human experience. I still have my foibles and insecurities in my 50s. I thought they would have gone away by now but they are always happy to put in an appearance. I was (and still often am) so worried what other people would think of me when the reality is they are far too busy worrying about themselves.

I also realised after a while that people like those in self-help books don’t exist. Even the people that wrote them. I have done a lot of personal development over the years and the most powerful was learning that I can never change my beliefs – especially those formed in childhood. I just have to be aware of them and choose not to act on them so over time they lose their power.

So my lovely people come and join me on my quest to find my soulmate and enjoy the comedy on the way.

The picture of the great white shark was taken by me on a trip to South Africa to celebrate my 50th birthday.


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  1. Loving this. Looking forward to more….


    1. womannotfish says:

      Thanks Cindy đŸ™‚


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